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I am attempting to have two swagger endpoints in my project so two separate defapi calls and when I have A before B in my compojure.routes/routes function A works perfectly, but B fails on calls with a body with "errors": "(not (map? nil))" . If I put B before A then the same happens to A. It looks like somewhere the input from the response is being deleted before the next swagger api can process it. Is this expected behavior?


@assoc-in, sadly the clojure immutable meets the mutable java, described in here:


... with 1.2.*, the top-level mw is muuntaja.middleware/wrap-format


@sickill the linked wiki page actually describes the options to serve static sites. Didn't remember that. There could be a more batteries-included top-level route with own options and acting as a single route root, which could have static pages, multiple apis & web sockets under it. api is also a Route-record, so it can act already as subroute.