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Noah Bogart20:06:20

Potentially silly question: i am working on an editor plugin for vim to interface with clojure-lsp, but i want to expose some more generally useful functionality to it that might be too specific for clojure-lsp. It’s written in typescript and instead of handwriting a parser, it seems prudent to rely on rewrite-clj compiled to javascript. Is this ridiculous? Yes lol. But is it feasible?


Heya! Rewrite-clj does support ClojureScript. I don’t have experience in calling cljs libs form typescript, but I think folks do this. Maybe somebody with experience there can chime in.

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thats basically what i did for clj-refactor.nvim, it was pretty painful then but I think a lot more work has been put into non browser cljs since

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Noah Bogart20:06:13

Woah, didn’t know that existed! Maybe I'll just point folks to your plug-in