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Noah Bogart22:05:51

Medium request: can the docs list the node types and give examples of given input to create one? There’s the Reader Macro Chars list but that's about how sexpr renders it. For an example of the potential confusion, I would naively expect that true/false/nil aren't “token” types, but they are.

Noah Bogart22:05:41

I can open a GitHub issue for this if desired, and if pointed to the relevant information in the source code, would be willing to write some initial docs as well.


Hiya @UEENNMX0T! Do you mean the type returned by the node’s tag? Maybe I should get around to this too:

Noah Bogart03:05:55

Yes, the keyword returned by the function rewrite-clj.node. A list of possible tags (and some description and inputs) would be very helpful. My apologies for using the wrong words


Yeah I agree, that is part of the public interface but maybe not documented very well and maybe only incidentally mentioned. So I’m thinking the user guide and docstrings need a little updating. Is this what you were thinking too?

Noah Bogart12:05:04

Yes, that’s about right. Like I said, I’m willing to help write them if that's desired.


How about I take a crack at it sometime soon and you can help me to review for clarity?

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Raised an issue: Thanks for bringing these things up @UEENNMX0T, it is very helpful!

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Noah Bogart23:05:36

Small request: include link to the generated api docs on the github page for ease of access


We have a cljdoc badge. Do you want something also in the little GitHub about blurb?

Noah Bogart02:05:22

I did not know the badge was a link! That’s helpful info lol. I think more clarity is better overall, so including the link in the “external website link” in GitHub would be ideal to me.



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Noah Bogart11:05:13

Thank you so much


My pleasure