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I want to say that I never found too much tutorials/guides about rewrite-clj and just found, which explain a lot of things, shouldn't you consider linking it on clj-commons/rewrite-clj ? It's really a helpful content


@ericdallo Iā€™m loving your interest in rewrite-clj! I am in the process of migrating rewrite-cljc-playground to rewrite-clj which will include all docs.


I see, that would be awesome! My first contact with rewrite-clj was on early 2020 and it was really confusing to me šŸ˜… and I didn't find too many docs in the time. After a lot of code on clojure-lsp, I got it, but that docs would help me a lot those times šŸ˜›


Yeah, I hear you!

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