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re: mranderson - i've been investigating the code and repository a bit. it appears the maintainer has / had thoughts about making its capabilities available outside of leiningen (there are a number of issues related to this). while trying to understand what is involved, i took some notes: -- as a side effect, it 1) provides a brief intro to using REBL, 2) tries to give tips on specifically how to do this for a leiningen plugin (trickier than expected). there are even screenshots 🙂


thanks @sogaiu, I look forward to learning from your investigations!


why is it a problem that it depends on leiningen? you can generate the mrandersoned files once and then use those independently from leiningen


what if you don't want to use leiningen? what if you want to invoke the tool from elsewhere?


at any rate, even the author appears to think it's worth considering -- he made issues for it himself.


I can relate, but in practice, I would only invoke this tool twice a year


in my case, it might be more frequent -- at any rate, it appears there is some motivation to move it in that direction and i'm inclined in that direction anyway 🙂