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hmm... maybe ask.clojure would be a good place to pose the question.


it seems like the general question of what might be done in these types of situations might make it on-topic for #clojure. in theory i think ask.clojure might not be a bad place, though i wonder how many relevant folks check it as it's still somewhat new. still, some relevant folks might check it. possibly asking at more than one place might be ok as well? although it's kind of on the quiet side, there is a #tooling on zulip -- some relevant people might read that.


@sogaiu, I was writing out my question for #clojure, when I realized I like @borkdude's 2 cts here. I think having to rename namespaces to rewrite-cljc in one's project to use rewrite-cljc is much less of a burden than the burden of the confusion of introducing colliding namespaces into the community.


yes, that may be so. still think it couldn't hurt to hear what some folks on #clojure might have to say 🙂


(on a side note, by asking in some area like #clojure, i think it may have the side-effect of helping to let some interested folks know of the rewrite-cljc effort and status.)


rewrite-cljc is potentially a breaking version, even if it's not intended. at least you can afford yourself that luxury. that's why think renaming is the safer option. also less confusion.


good points, thanks you two!


I'll share my decision on #clojure for a reaction.


on a related note, this past year or so i've started to want the ability to use a library in a renamed fashion to have it not conflict with other deps. not just in clojure. at the moment, the renaming part seems painful - also trying to apply updates. i wonder if there is a programming lang with support for this sort of scenario - i.e. so it's not such a manual process.


The library I've used to "vendor" rewrite-clj for clj-kondo is:


i saw mr. anderson being used for nrepl, i think. did you find it to work well?


these are my notes about it:

* Inlined deps
** project.clj
(defproject proj "0.0.1-SNAPSHOT"
  :dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "RELEASE"]
                 ^:inline-dep [rewrite-clj "0.6.1"]]
  :plugins [[thomasa/mranderson "0.5.1"]]
  :mranderson {:watermark :no-doc})

** lein command
lein inline-deps :project-prefix clj-kondo.impl


that's basically all I know about it and how I used it


ah, thanks! i wonder if i can get it working w/o lein...guess i'll investigate :)


it copies stuff to the target directory, so you can copy that over to your project, then you can use whatever build tool you want from that point on


ok, that sounds pretty reasonable. it seems like it has worked out for you, so that's another good sign :) the other place i have wanted this is emacs. may be i will ask on #emacs.


ok, afk now