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@lee i like the motivation behind adrs -- haven't tried using them, but am interested in investigating further. thanks for mentioning them along with the examples from cljdoc.


@lee ha ha ha -- that is funny about the conversation in april. completely forgot about that 🙂 regarding "spec on fn", i agree that for reading it ought to help -- it would seem that specs would give more hints about expectations.


@sogaiu, we’ll probably talk about it again in september simple_smile


lol -- btw, i was looking over the commit history for rewrite-clj and got to thinking that there might be more folks with insight among past contributors...then i remembered the existence of this type of page for github repositories: -- may be it makes sense to reach out to some of those folks at some point?


interesting...although rundis' rewrite-cljs' top repository page now seems to redirect to clj-commons, directly visiting: seems to still show the older info (thankfully)


...and possibly perhaps some or one of those folks might have more luck reaching xsc?


@lee it used to be that the edn function was mentioned on the top page, e.g. -- i don't think it is any more. i think it's worth having as the README mentions: string -> node, node -> string, node-> value, value -> node, string -> zipper, zipper -> value. i remember being at a loss for a while not knowing how to get a zipper from a node.