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@vlaaad When using reveal as part of a split view (on osx) a new top-level tab is generated when mount-renderer is called on a  {:fx/type :stage} root.  This does not happen when reveal is not started as one side of a split view, it opens a new window instead. Is it possible to get the same result (opening a new top-level tab) when not in split view mode ? Here a snippet of the code used to popup the new stage.

(defn root [{:keys [fx/context]}]
 {:fx/type :stage
  :showing true
 :title "Utils"
 :scene {…}})

(def renderer
  :middleware (comp
        (fx/wrap-map-desc (fn [_]
                  {:fx/type root})))
  :opts {:fx.opt/map-event-handler (-> event-handler
                    {:fx/context (fx/make-deref-co-effect *state)})
                    {:context (fx/make-reset-effect *state)}))

     :fx.opt/type->lifecycle #(or (fx/keyword->lifecycle %)
                    (fx/fn->lifecycle-with-context %))}))

(fx/mount-renderer *state renderer)


Hi! I don't have access to mac now, so currently I'm unable to help, sorry