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probably a silly question, but i'm doing clj -M:socket:reveal to add a socket server and startup with reveal. Reveal works a treat from this repl, but if i connect over a socket repl it doesn't seem to work. ie, nc localhost 50505 i can evaluate things and such but reveal isn't correctly hooked up. Are there some steps I can take here?


@dpsutton You need to tap> values for them to show up in Reveal.


That's how my integration with Chlorine and Clover works.


oh i see. i thought you were just getting all results


makes sense. i am making a subrepl with rebl that just hijacks :eval for that purpose. suppose that would also work for reveal


@dpsutton the fundamental building block of reveal is a window that is accessible in the code with a 1-arg function that you can call to submit values to the window. repls, prepls, nrepl middleware that are bundled in reveal are all using this fundamental window/function primitive. If you are building a custom repl (like you did with REBL), you can use this too