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David Reno19:12:14

I’m using vscode and calva connecting via nrepl to a clojure tools launched nrepl on another host. If I want to use reveal, how does the reveal window get launched on my client? Is that something that Calva opens locally?


@dcreno Reveal is launched from the server as it is a JavaFX app that runs inside the JVM.

David Reno03:12:47

Thanks for that reference to JavaFX. It seems that JavaFX isn’t included in the jdk I was using (zulu) but requires a special JDK (bellsoft) on the Raspberry Pi. After installing the Bellsoft JDK reveal works but everything runs very slowly. I suppose I’ll need to consider if reveal is worth the performance hit or if I need another inspector.


Ah, Zulu has been the one I've turned to for the bundled JFX builds, with Java 8. Never used the RPI tho'. After I moved to 11 (and on up), I've used Adopt OpenJDK and just added all the OpenJFX stuff as dependencies.

David Reno04:12:44

Does this mean the jdk doesn’t need support for javafx but that libraries can be specified as deps to Clojure to enable javafx programs to run?


Correct. See -- as long at there are openjfx libraries for your platform.


(I think Reveal as a dep specifies those libs as dependencies already?)

David Reno04:12:32

Great, I’ll try that tomorrow. Thanks!


Yes, reveal specifies those as deps on Java 11+


What O/S are your host (server) and client machines? If the host is Linux, you'll need to be able to display X11 GUI applications from that server onto your client in order to see it. I use VS Code on Windows with the Remote-WSL2 extension and I run all my Clojure stuff on Ubuntu (on WSL2). I have VcXsrv (Xlaunch) installed on Windows, and any X11 GUI I launch on Ubuntu is displayed on Windows via Xlaunch.

David Reno21:12:50

Linux host and macOS client. Guess I need to fire-up XQuartz.