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I get a ClassNotFoundException on javafx.event.EventHandler when running clj -A:reveal -m nrepl.cmdline --middleware '[vlaaad.reveal.nrepl/middleware]' in a directory with a :reveal alias set up as indicated at


I don't seem to have javafx installed, and AFAICT reveal doesn't declare it as a dependency [P.S.: that was the case in jdk 8]


installing openjfx via ubuntu's apt-get didn't seem to fix it, but upgrading to jdk 11 did


Hi! That's because on Java 8 javafx was a part of a jdk, and later it was extracted to a standalone Java library. The problem is javafx was frequently excluded from Java 8 jdk/jre distributions, so you have to find Java 8 with javafx built in to use reveal there.

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Hi @vlaaad (and everyone else), thank you so much for for Reveal! I finally had a bit of time to try it out and I’m really loving it thus far (coming from clojure.inspect and trying to use REBL). However, as a nasty emacser, I miss my ctrl-S search! I forked, added it ( and wondered if that was something you could see as a productive PR? I would of course see the argument against opening that can of worms until/if there would ever be a way for the user to define keymaps.


Hi! Glad you enjoy it! I certainly recognize the need, but I would like to have a proper solution — configurable command system. I'm planning to implement it after some UI improvements, so it's coming :)


That means that, sadly, I won't accept this PR


I think that is wise, which is why I asked here first! It’s a very simple fork to maintain in the meantime

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Hey there! I released 1.1.163, it adds 2 minor improvements to table view: • you can sort currently selected column with a keyboard using Alt Up/`Alt Down` shortcuts (previously you needed to click on a column header to do that); • you can copy cell contents as text with Ctrl C (previously you needed to view cell contents as value and then do a copy there).


Just watched the scicloj meeting recording, I'm super excited to try out Reveal! - Really like that reveal is lightweight enough to be compatible with basically any dev worflow - Really like the liveness; shorter feedback loop and less scrolling than pretty printing to the REPL. Thanks for your work, Vlad! 🙏

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