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I released 0.1.0-ea26, you might experience some breakage: • removed old -main entry points: vlaaad.reveal.repl/-main and vlaaad.reveal.prepl/-main : use vlaaad.reveal/-main entry point • changed arg parsing in vlaaad.reveal/-main to match new clj release candidate arg parsing (i.e. it's just edn/read-string). This might affect you if you use remote prepl with host specified. Previously it could be specified as , now it has to be quoted as string: "" • renamed prepl to io-prepl to match clojure.core.server prepl naming


@vlaaad I'm playing with Reveal properly for the first time and I'm a bit confused about how the datafy/nav support is supposed to work. If I use next.jdbc to produce a result set, each of those rows are datafiable and, when datafied, they are navigable. However, it seems like I have to explicitly call (clojure.datafy/datafy *v) on a value to get Reveal to offer the nav option, and I've not be able to access this from a table view.


Ah, maybe datafy/nav is only supported from the data view, not the table view?


Hmm yes, I'm not sure it can work from the table view... I'll have a look