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(I am not the contact for this position; reach out to the company with any questions) Fully remote worldwide Salary: 80,000 - 100,000 [REMOTE] πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Full Stack Web Developer @ Spatial Informatics Group LLC

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(I'm not the contact for this position, communicate with Flow directly about it) The position requires TypeScript & Clojure

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This is what happens when you delegate the task to HR or hiring specialists. They insert a bunch of generic questions only clueless people at the start of their careers tolerate. I lashed out like a kid ))) How are people so bad at hiring???


which "questions" are you referring to? what would you rather want to know/get asked? disclaimer: i work for Flow, but i'm not involved in the hiring process


> but i'm not involved in the hiring process Are there engineers who are involved in the process? Have they tried going through the application motions? That is kind of my point. To be clear this isn't aimed at you. Companies generally suck at hiring - it is no easy task. Mostly because engineers can't be bothered - we all have painful experiences and would rather avoid being on either side of it or it is just boring. So we outsource. But until certain size hiring is second in importance only to shipping. To add to the injury the ad is aimed at Senior engineers. From Apple Dictionary of British English: > of or for older or more experienced people

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Someone has a sense of humour: > β€’ Craft impeccable code that dances through the digital realm like a ballet of zeros and ones. > β€’ An ambition to become the best software engineer humankind has ever seen. Made me chuckle. πŸ˜…

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Why do you want to work here is too much to ask these days?


@U0D2WT5HR This sort of thread belongs in #C0KL616MN -- the OP specifically said they're not the contact for the role so it's inappropriate to complain in a thread to them.

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If you have genuine questions about the job, it's reasonable to ask for clarifications but not to snark about the job/post.


Fair. Snark was uncalled for


Feel free to delete your snarky messages, unless you want them to stay on the record here for recruiters and hiring companies to see... πŸ˜‰


I stand for immutability :)

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Is this job opening only for those located in the EU/UK? I’m thinking of applying but I’m located in the US


Hey everyone! We have an open position at! We're an pre-seed startup working on a collaborative writing tool for creative writers. You can find many details on the, but here are some key points: β€’ remote work is fine as long as there's some overlap with Berlin hours (most of our team is in this timezone) β€’ this is, initially, a short-term position β€’ experience with collaborative software (real-time collaboration, data replication, etc) is a big plus β€’ you don't have to be a UI expert, but we're looking for someone who's comfortable working full stack. Our client-side code is mostly in TypeScript but our backend is written in Clojure.

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Hi @U3RBA0P4L it seems the email isn’t correct. Maybe a typo or something?


Hey @U02M5TRTUDT! Thanks for letting me know. The address is correct but there was a permission issue on the group associated with that email address. Please try sending again, this time it should work. Sorry for the trouble πŸ˜…

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Just did. πŸ™

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Hi @U3RBA0P4L is this position still open?


Hey @U065VCYKW! Unfortunately we're closed for new applications 😞


No problem. Thanks!