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Grant Du Plooy00:06:43

Hi Clojurists, I have an incredible opportunity with an extremely promising startup for anyone based in the USA. If you rate at least a 9/10 in Clojure skills and experience, this is for you:

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Im not sure if external recruiter post are allowed here, IMO they shouldn't be. And if so, please dont double post;cid=C06B40HMY


Regarding the external recruiter, they are allowed

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Martynas M08:06:23

I've seen numerous external ones and nobody complained. But yes, it could be regarded to as pollution. But then Jeff Bezos can't do his own recruiting. So big companies can't do without them.


True. There is a difference between recruiters that are authorized by a company, and ones that aren’t. In this case it seems @U03BL591VS5 works directly with redlabsplanet (given one of the previous posts with an authentic email address). However when the poster is not explicit about this (he wasn’t at first), it’s hard to make a difference. From experience I know that there are many recruiters posting jobs without actually having a specific job available, they just want to gather candidates. This is not good for our community (both. companies and developers) so I hope this doesn’t start to happen here.