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Hi Clojure devs, The augmented analytics & data vis startup I work at,, is currently hiring for a couple of remote positions (US only): a, and a I was full-time dev #5, and you’d be #6. It’s a small, high-dev-responsibility startup, and you’d have a big voice in the area we hire you in, at a funded company that IMHO has a lot of potential. Back-end Clojure, front-end Clojurescript (and in future probably also some JS). A lot of really nice folks. I’m not the person doing the hiring, but I wanted to get the word out here, because I’d love to see some of the excellent people on Clojurians step into these roles. Check out, hit me up with any questions, or see the full descriptions linked above and email us.

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Daniel Slutsky15:06:58

Hi @U077BEWNQ, best wishes for your journey. I see is mentioning > • High Python programming proficiency (specifically Pandas) as the first skill. As much as you could tell, have you considered Clojure for that? Specifically Pandas has excellent Clojure counterparts such as by @UDRJMEFSN, by @U1EP3BZ3Q, and by @USH9B0ZU0 & friends. As much as you'd like to consider that path, I believe a few of the friends at #data-science (and more friends at the would be happy to discuss that and provide a clear picture.


Hi Daniel! Yeah, that’s why I omitted that position from the post here. If it were my decision I’d lean in the direction of all-Clojure, but the founders with the serious data science expertise have a lot of background with Pandas, so at least for now we’re keeping that side of it in Python. I could imagine that maybe changing at some point in future, especially now that there are Python bindings for clj that we could fall back to as needed.

Daniel Slutsky19:06:55

Thanks for explaining. 🙂 🙏

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