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Dear Clojurians. I'm currently not contracted from end of August. Looking for a nice place where I can help with Clojure-y stuff. I'm a contractor for Agical AB, located in Stockholm, Sweden, and will be available at 80% of FT (the other 20% Agical pays me to contribute to open source.) I am mostly a frontender. I have experience from building web SPAs as well as mobile apps using libraries/frameworks such as Reagent/re-frame, React Native, Rum/Citrus. I am good at finding my way through most codebases and I love the challenge of having to learn new stuff quickly. Introducing developers to Clojure. is something I find extra enjoyment in. I think success begins with treating communication and empathy as the gifts to humanity they are. I am also a bit of a developer tooling nut and a devoted open source contributor. If you would consider contracting me for working on #calva, the Clojure beginner experience, #joyride, or with all of that, then we are really talking.

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