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Newsroom AI | ClojureScript Developer | Anywhere/Remote | Full-time | £40 - £55k Newsroom AI is looking for a full-time ClojureScript developer! What we're looking for: • Good communication skills (English) and able to work with high degree of autonomy • Passionate about Clojure/Script, not necessarily experienced • Comfortable working in a Unix environment and/or with AWS • Creativity and drive to solve product challenges • Backend is currently mostly Python/Django, so proficiency/familiarity with Python is a bonus Please email your CV to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>

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Michael McGovern17:05:36

Big news! Reify Health made a huge announcement! We recently raised $220M Series D Round, valuing us at $4.8 Billion! We are a SaaS technology platform that is drastically changing the way medicines are created & developed. In creating innovative solutions within the clinical trial ecosystem we are expediting the way in which many life saving drugs, treatments and cures are delivered to the world! With this most recent funding round it will allow us to continue to focus on bridging the Diversity gap within Clinical Trials! To top it all off we are using Clojure! We are looking for folks across all levels ranging from Software Engineer up to Staff Engineer! 100% Remote!!! Looking for a role outside of Software Engineering? We are also hiring folks within Data, Test Automation, Engineering Management &amp; SRE that will be leveraging Clojure as well! While the majority of the team, at the moment, is U.S. based we are expanding globally within the UK, Ireland, Brazil & Canada (For folks outside of those locations we are open to considering as well!) If you are interested feel free to apply within the links below or reach out directly to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> (or through slack here of course 🙂)

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