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Jamie Cox09:04:29

cross posting from #jobs > 👋 I’m the CTO of - We’re on an extremely ambitious and worthwhile mission - that will significantly disrupt the healthcare industry for the better. We’re well funded and backed by top funds including and > > I’m hiring for a clj engineer to join our growing team. > > Highlights: > • Broad and interesting technical work - We are building user facing DSLs, parsers, linters, VSCode extensions, a novel git-based query system, etc - all using clj and cljs > • Knowledge exchange - We are a team of domain experts, including engineers, data scientists, doctors and regulatory specialists. > • Flexible working - We support on-site (at our offices in London) and fully remote working - we also do team trips to Amsterdam - where we have a footprint. > • Community: > ◦ We provide the option for 80% time, so you can do a day of open source a week. > ◦ Scarlet is a contributor to > ◦ In your day-to-day at Scarlet, you’ll work alongside: > ▪︎ @domagala.lukas - maintainer of #calva and #omni-trace > ▪︎ @j.massa - maintainer of #datahike > > If you’re curious to find out more - send me a message!