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Eileen Norton13:03:45

Hi. I’m a Recruiter with Cisco and we’re hiring Clojurians to support Cisco’s Security Business Groups’ Secure Platform and Response (SP&R) teams. ThreatGrid, Secure Malware Analytics, remote (US/Canada) SecureX, Security Platform API Services team/Backend, remote (US, Canada, EU) SecureX, Security Platform Engine Team/Middleware, remote (US) Cisco Clojure teams are expert developers, staffed with world-renowned Clojurians including Tim Baldridge, Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant, and more. We are seeking strong Functional Programmers with good experience with distributed systems and tackling issues of scale. Knowledge of security is desired. Feel free to apply, and/or email me, Eileen Norton, Recruiter, at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>

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