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Hey Clojurians!!!!! Looking for a Clojure Dev Freelancer for a LONG TERM, FULLY REMOTE contract, working on a pretty cool project in the European Fintech sector!!! Team is fully REMOTE, super friendly & located across Europe 🙂 Tech Stack: Clojure + ClojureScript codebase, AWS lambda, SQS, postgres, ElasticSearch for services, Jenkins + ansible for devops pipelines. Can be located Worldwide, but MUST be able to work to European / CET Hours! Drop me a DM if interested 🙌:skin-tone-3:

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James Carr20:02:21

👋 Hey everyone! James Carr here. We’re currently looking to hire a site reliability engineer to join our team at ReifyHealth! We are revolutionizing the clinical trial space with our SaaS offering and expanding globally! We have three roles open on our team: We are a 100% distributed team and currently run in six AWS regions. Our engineers develop mostly with Clojure and Typescript while the SRE team tends to rock with Python and Golang. DMs are open if you want to chat or have questions!

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Hi James, are the roles not labeled with (EMEA) for US/NA only? Do you accept applications from NZ?