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Miki Goyal21:01:22

Cool news about Clojure jobs and Reify Health: • We were selected as one of the to work for. 🏆 • The team got to talk to recently about the State of Clojure. clojure • We have an amazing mission still focused on improving a rapidly innovating space in Clinical Trials. ⚕️ • Come join us as we have lots of Clojure (and other) opportunities across the North/South America, Europe and more... 🌎 • Reach out to me directly or drop a resume in our page.

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Mathew Samuel23:01:43

Hi everyone, Happy new year! Ladders ( is hiring experienced Clojure engineers. We are committed to using Clojure, and functional programming in general. We have employees all over the world on nearly every continent. This is a fully remote position, open to anyone in the world. Our stack consists of Clojure, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Redis, MariaDB, Redshift + React/Redux, NextJS (front-end). Everything is deployed on Kubernetes (EKS) in AWS using Pulumi (infra as code). We are investing heavily in CI/CD as we believe it leads to better lives for our engineers + better outcomes for our business. We are looking to scale parts of our architecture to expand access to more users than ever before. If you like tackling big, interesting engineering problems, like owning large chunks of systems, this is the place for you. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to myself, @mkocubinski, or @kumarshantanu;lever-source%5B%5D=Clojurians Thanks Mathew VP of Engineering Ladders