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Jordan Robinson12:08:12

Hey all, I started a new job at MyPulse a few months ago and we're hiring to build out the team. Our tech stack consists of Clojure microservices in the backend and React Native for the consumer-facing mobile apps. We use PostgreSQL data stores and Kafka for inter-service messaging. All of this is continuously delivered to AWS multiple times a day using Docker, Terraform and Concourse CI. Day-to-day we use TDD, pairing and XP practices to be able to move quickly and in a way that we like to work. We're fully remote but UK only for now. We do have the occasional company day on site (London) which is more of a social get together, and this is only a few times a year (~3-4). Currently we're looking for:  - Senior Developers (£60k and above)  - Lead Developer (£85k and above)  - Infrastructure Engineer (£90k and above)  - Product Designer (£60k - £75k) You can see some more info here: or feel free to ask me any questions in a DM. If you're interested please feel free to either DM me on here or contact <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> with your CV. Sorry, no recruiters at this time. Thanks, Jordan

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Hi everyone 👋 I'm looking for an engineer experienced with React Native and ClojureScript to work on some project 🙂 Please contact mi via DM if you're interested!

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Michael McGovern17:08:07

Big news! Reify Health made a huge announcement this morning! We recently raised $220M series C, valuing us at $2.2 Billion! We are a SaaS technology platform that is drastically changing the way medicines are created & developed. In creating innovative solutions within the clinical trial ecosystem we are expediting the way in which many life saving drugs, treatments and cures are delivered to the world! To top it all off we are using Clojure! We are looking for folks across all levels ranging from Software Engineer up to Staff Engineer! 100% Remote!!! While the majority of the team is U.S. based we are expanding globally! If you are interested feel free to apply below or reach out directly!!

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