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Greg Seaton16:05:06

Medidata, a world leader in life science and clinical trial services, is hiring a 100% remote full-stack Senior Clojure/ClojureScript Software Engineer based in the US or UK only.;j=oPdtffwu The Semantic Knowledge Team is developing enterprise semantic knowledge capabilities for Medidata to provide semantic knowledge features to new and existing products and services. The semantic projects include services to support data governance, data fabric, linked data, AI/ML, data science, inferencing/reasoning, canonical ontologies, and semantic store/analytics/query. Technologies include Clojure, ClojureScript/JavaScript, semantic web (RDF, RDF/S, OWL, SHACL, SPARQL), reagent/re-frame, CSS, Python, Apache Jena, and AnzoGraph DB. Candidates need to have senior-level skill sets, 5+ years of professional Clojure experience, intellectual curiosity, the ability to work independently, and excellent oral and written communication skills. This position may evolve into a technical lead role. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this position further, please reach out.


Not an applicant, but these requirements seem totally inconsistent and unrealistic to me. Basically, it reads like "we're looking for a senior developer with 5+ years of professional Clojure experience, including 5 years of backend development, who's actually been doing latest-trend frontend JavaScript during those 5 years."

Greg Seaton16:05:00

Thanks for the feedback. This is for a full-stack developer that has been doing both FE and BE development (hence, full-stack). I've done this at many of my positions, as have many people I suspect. This doesn't mean that someone has to do 40 hours a week for FE at the same time as doing 40 hours a week on BE. We're trying to cast a wide net and candidates are welcome to apply if they have 5+ years of experience with at least some of the qualification preferences. Cheers.


Hey Clojurians 👋:skin-tone-3: Looking for a Full Stack Clojure FREELANCER for a long term REMOTE project. Stack is: Clojure + ClojureScript codebase, AWS lambda, SQS, postgres, ElasticSearch for services, Jenkins + ansible for devops pipelines, Exciting company, super cool team. 🚀 Get in touch/DM if interested 😁 :flag-eu:  MUST BE EU LOCATED :flag-eu: