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I'm looking for a technical partner to run backend engineering (built on Clojure) at Motiva. Our machine learning product operates marketing for some of the most well-known brands likes Ford, Cisco, Unity, Verizon, Blackrock, and ThermoFisher Scientific. We are on a mission to build customer trusts and relationships. 100% remote, but must be eligible to work for a US company. Job description Feel free to reach out for questions.

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Brad Rogan16:04:38

Hi All! I’m Brad, and I work for Parkside, a Fintech startup that is looking to democratize access to the US stock markets globally. We are a Clojure shop, building a cutting edge distributed trading platform using Kafka Streams and Datomic. We’re looking for a variety of roles, including some not yet posted. Do you have lots of Clojure experience? Perfect! Are you lighter on Clojure experience, but keen to learn and have other skill sets such as DevOps, Data Engineering, Kubernetes, Terraform and/or Kafka Streams? Great! Come learn with us. We’re looking to add people that will fit in with our stellar team. Our culture is empowered, autonomous teams delivering impactful value to our global customers. Find the posting that matches your interests at the following link, or reach out to me directly. Flexibility to overlap with Pacific time is preferred. We hope to hear from you! -Brad

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I'm curious about some of the responsibilities listed. e.g "fund transfer management" and "stock records and ledges" What does that imply? I don't imagine i'm investing on the development side.

Brad Rogan15:04:25

@U0DJ4T5U1 which posting are you referring to?

Kenny Tay18:04:04

Flair is looking for a mid level full time Clojure developer to build out cool new features on our frontend. • Location: 100% Remote in the USA/Canada • Company: Fast growing startup building next gen home heating/cooling technology to reduce carbon emissions worldwide • Compensation: Competitive salary + Equity • Preferred: React/React Native experience, >4 years of Clojure(script) experience For more information on the job posting, check out

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