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Sean Kohler02:04:18

Hello All, is looking for a freelance ClojureScript programmer (independent contractor) to assist us with a website front end and Material-UI component styling. Tech stack is clojure, postgres, pedestal (http server), clojurescript, reagent (react wrapper), re-frame/kee-frame (ui fws), redis, material ui, and scss. This project will extend into next year and will include: • Blocks of SCSS and cljs work which will go through code review and will be integrated into the product. • Access to the codebase (of course). • A stage server to deploy/test. • A few, short virtual meetings here and there. (but we work primarily through Slack) • Billable at agreed-to hourly rate, weekly. Our expectations: • You are skilled in ClojureScript, web design/styling (e.g. SCSS), and web technologies. • You can appropriately estimate the time it takes to complete work and deliver on your estimate. • You are professional and want to get the job done right. What you can expect from us: • Prompt payment for work accomplished as agreed. • Clear communication and fairness. • A joke or two - at times. (we have fun) If you have relevant experience and are interested in a working relationship with us, we would need a US W-9, a short history of your skills and experience (resume is fine, or no resume is fine too) and a quick note as to why we should choose you. If you would like to know a little more about the project or would like to be considered, please contact me directly through Slack. Best Regards, Sean Kohler CTO Unified Compliance