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Ben Halton15:04:17

Hi all, we are looking for a pragmatic and delivery-focussed Clojure dev to join our small team working on a greenfield project for a well-funded startup in the mobile / telco space. This is a great opportunity to get in at the start of the adventure! Who are we? Algorithmica is a small consultancy providing bespoke software development predominantly in Clojure. We work in small cross-functional teams in a very lean / agile manner and in the words of Paul Graham, we consciously prioritise bullshit avoidance. What is the project? The client is a funded startup in the mobile/telco domain. It's a greenfield project. The current Algorithmica team is Product owner, Tech Lead and 2 Senior devs, delivering in to client CTO. We're looking for a 3rd to start in about a month (there's some flexibility here). More details will be provided to applicants subject to NDA etc. About the job: • Fully remote • Contract / freelance only for now - 6 month initial contract. Outside IR35 for UK applicants. • 100% Clojure/Clojurescript What we're looking for: • Clojure dev, mid-senior level. Commercial Clojure experience preferred but not essential. • Pragmatic, delivery focussed, able to work independently. • Full stack would be ideal but again not essential email us at jobs at or DM me here for more information.

Marcos Silva23:04:14

Givver is a fully automate HR / Payroll tool that allows companies to onboard, manage and pay their employees, all from one secure platform. 💥 We are looking for a Backend Engineer to join us in this exciting journey. 🎢 Building from scratch the full end-to-end system. We are stack agnostic. We look for someone who wants to build a scalable platform with the latest stack. Making work exciting for those who will join us later in this journey. 🚀 What we believe it's the most interesting bit about Givver, this is a Greenfield project. You'll play a key role shaping Givver's platform from the ground up. This includes building the HRIS, Payroll engine and automation of payments using Open banking, and this is only the beginning. 💪 The values driving the team building Givver are: 🤝 Put the customer first ️Build fast 🔎 Be transparent 😊 Be kind :snow_capped_mountain: Strive for growth If this sounds like an exciting ride, let's talk! We promise you won't regret it. Please email us your availability for a video call 👉[email protected]


Is this a Clojure job? The words "stack agnostic" and "latest stack" make me feel this is a generic ad... cc @U04V70XH6

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It sounds to me like they’d be happy to hire a Clojure developer to build the entire backend…?

Marcos Silva20:04:09

Hi guys, sorry for the late response. I went on vacation 😬 So, you are right @U0AD3JSHL when you say it is a bit generic because it's a new company and they care more about the product than the technology at the moment. I published it here for my friend who's the owner of it. It would be fullstack @U04V70XH6 =D

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