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My company is hiring BE devs, fully remote in US only. 95% of our backend services are in Clojure, and I spend 99% of my time writing Clojure. A few things I love: • Small and senior team, each member making a big impact • Strong schedule flexibility (e.g. I work Saturday instead of Thursday, several team members often split days) • Unlimited PTO • Generous paternity/maternity leave • Positive, friendly work culture • Entire company is fully remote You can see the job post here: I’m not the hiring manager, but feel free to DM me with any questions.

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how much PTO did you take in 2020?


Around 3-4 weeks

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Not that I couldn’t take more. I just didn’t request it. I’d say on dev team most people took between 4-6 weeks but I didn’t count it up


thats great news!