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Hello Urbest07:01:17

Hi Everyone! Urbest is expanding it's team and so we are looking for Clojure developers. Currently looking for hires based in Europe only as our team is spread mostly between GMT and GMT+3 timezones. Checkout the role below and/or DM me if interested.

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If I may give some feedback, that's gotta be the first time I see a French startup offering dev roles with a below-30k salary, especially with such experience requirements. I'd be surprised if you found anyone.

Ashwin Bhaskar03:01:17

I agree with @U06GS6P1N. The salary is below par even when you convert it to the currency of a developing nation. But anyway, good luck with your search.

Dave Kimber12:02:30

Looks like the salary has since been updated to *€*30-40k. That's still the lowest I've seen for this kind of role by quite a margin.


For junior roles in French startups, it's not unheard of.

Dave Kimber15:02:00

Wow ok, fair enough :)


Not that I'm encouraging it or anything :)