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Looking for a Clojurescript frontend developer who could join us initially as a contractor and possible eventual full-time at Omnyway. Our team has been using Clojure for a long time (a bunch of us are from Runa) but we’re mainly backend folks. Ideally someone with solid mobile centric frontend, UI and CSS experience with implementation in Clojurescript. Artistic / UI Design chops would be a great bonus. Product is a Live Streaming Commerce service for Retailers. We have a beta / MVP product, but still lots to do. Frontend is Re-Frame/Reagent/React Clojurescript. Backend is primarily AWS Amplify/AppSync with all the lambda resolvers written in Clojure. Clojure for just about everything else including most Ops. We were remote centric before the Age of Coronavirus. But would prefer someone who can work primarily on US Pacific Time. Open to open sourcing work that is not core proprietary. Please, no recruiters or job shops. We’re looking for someone direct. <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>