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Looking for a gig, idealy part-time and contract: Based in London (UK), so significant overlap with East Coast US. If you want to put face to a faceless resume I Best way to reach me is through email, I am not a compulsive Slacker.

Mac Reddin14:04:07

Cross posting this from #jobs, thanks @dotemacs for pointing out that this channel existed! 👋 Hey all, we’re looking for a product-minded software engineer at Commsor! We’re building tools to help companies (and eventually individuals) build better communities. We’re a fully remote team, and while we’re open to any location, having overlap with east coast US and the UK is preferable. You’d be our third engineer, and will be essential in shaping the product, the culture, and our processes. Check out the full job post if you’re interested, and feel free to DM me if you have any questions!

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