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I’ve recently resigned from my company and I’m looking for full-time remote work (East Coast Canada). I’ve been programming Clojure professionally since 2012. I (co-) founded two Clojure based companies with one successful exit in 2014. I’ve worked and managed a remote Clojure team since 2014. I specialize in taking back of the napkin ideas and turning them into software that solves real world problems. Being an entrepreneur, I’ve worn many hats when it comes to developing software systems. In the beginning, I’m usually the only R&D person working on the project so I create both the frontend and backend — though I’m primarily a backend developer. I believe in solving problems over developing features. I’m a self-described autodidact and love working on hard problems where I have to use both left and right hemispheres. My latest resume can be found here: Please feel free to DM me or reply in a thread if you have any questions.