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@albaker why don't you extend this to Asia for remote opportunities like PoC's.

Al Baker04:01:47

@rnandan273 we'll get there eventually 😉


@albaker love the language, but no opportunities here and remote only for US/EU.


There's #jobs-discuss for discussion about the jobs market. This channel and #jobs are for job announcements.


@seancorfield sorry, it just happened in the context


thanks for interest! I have a few candidates now. so no more needed I’m running a project, with clojure consulting support from @thedavidmeister. I manage client requirements, and orchestrate the tech team, and I am currently doing dev (learning clojure in anger). We are building an API on AWS using API Gateway, DynamoDB and Lambda Java jars, built from clojure and pushed to S3. We are using spec, lambada, and taoensso.faraday for dyamodb. Still early days but we have working endpoints and deployments on CI and test coverage is about 90% I’d guestimate. We are looking for a junior/mid clojure dev to onboard and grow with our project. Hours are pretty flexible, but would expect 20-40 hours per week. We are based in Australia and use slack for comms. Please PM me if you’d like to discuss.


Open to hiring from a dev team/software development agency, mate? @UEV2BNGFQ


@U785CSM1N i have hired! thanks for the offer.

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