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At GreenPowerMonitor (, we are looking for CLJS freelancers with proven experience to join our dev team. It is accepted remote working but close contact and relationship with existing team is preferred, so people at Barcelona or willing to come to our city are preferred. Please, send to me a private message.


@xaviv’s is a great project which I'm having the pleasure to contribute to. I regard it as no less than a world-class project with a plethora of mechanisms aimed at greater maintainabilty, testability, productivity. we're a smart, laidback team, and our code is non-cryptic 🙂


Hello clojurians! After a few years of permanent jobs, I'd like to go back into contracting. I'm close to 18 years experience in software engineering, the last 4 full-time on Clojure projects. I'm author of a Clojure book (work in progress), a screencast, a few articles, a couple of workshops and frequent speaker at conferences. I'm London based and can work on-site or remotely (which I did in the past, including US timezones). If you think I can help with your team or projects, please drop me a line (DM here or «reborg @»). Thanks!