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@seancorfield did World Singles ever fill that dev position. I still see it on some job boards but it was so long ago


On Brave jobs? Feels like it’s been up way longer than we paid for — I would’ve expected that to have been taken down by now.


We decided not to fill it, in the end, and take another look at where we needed to add skills after we’d gone through a few more of the projects that we had in the pipeline. At this point I think we’re leaning heavily toward someone more on the ops side of the house but we haven’t made a decision yet, and probably won’t until later this year.


oh, at my current job my ratio of devops to development feels out of balance so that was one of the reasons I was thinking about looking for other opportunities. But they keep reeling me back in with promises of getting Clojure on the approved tech list and promotions.


I was also just curious because I remember a few years ago I you were trying to get a new hire involved in book clubs and coding challenges to get his clojure skills up and so I have an odd fascination with world singles


gdeer81: Feel free to ping me periodically to see if our situation has changed. Feel free to email me your resume as well.


will do, thanks