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At Dashman we are considering hiring a Clojure/ClojureScript remote developer to work from anywhere in the world. We are just evaluating this as our budget is very constrained. You can learn more about the application on and it'll include working and releasing several open source libraries (reagent toolbox, reagent toolbox docs, a lein template for Electron and anything else we can contribute... Maybe even our crypto libraries).


Anybody interested in such a thing?


If so, please, send me an email to [email protected] with your salary expectations for full time job (monthly) as well your profile (GitHub, CV, whatever).


i'd be but i feel like i dont have skill set needed to provide you with service


i am still beginner havent made anything big with clojure yet


Since I was asked in private, this is open to the whole world. I'm based in London, UK.


@lepistane feel free to still send us your profile. We are exploring what works for our business so, we are not outright rejecting anything without analyzing it first.


Some background: Im a developer and I'm building the app myself but it's taking a long time and I have eager customers. I'm analyzing getting someone to help me and speed up development. I haven't raised any money, so, any payments are coming from my personal savings, hence the limited budget at the moment. My expectation is that the moment I launch, I'll have enough revenue to cover that salary.