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Hello folks, Transportation Insight is looking for two remote clojure developers, one position is an FTE and another is a long term contractor scenario. If there is interest here I’m happy to discuss.


@b2berry: maybe post a link to your company


I’m happy to discuss the position and company openly if there is enough interest here, though will refrain from spamming folks with open dialogue otherwise.


Also we do not have a job position posted to apply through, rather we’re starting with other channels such as slack and team’s professional networks as we find this a bit better signal to noise ratio what with attracting less recruiter spam, etc.


what does the FTE position involve @b2berry


We spent the last fourteen months working with Cognitect to rewrite our core system using Clojure and Datomic. We’re at a natural point in the project where we are transitioning the remainder of development to our internal team. Said team consists of five developers.


We also have a few much smaller projects written in clojure that we’ll continue to move forward but primarily the focus at the moment is continuing the development of this core system.


As a company we’ve bought in to the clojure story and have been happily moving forward. So, in this environment it’s not an afterthought or bolt on, but rather our primary choice for technology stack.


I’m available for the next twenty tied up the rest of the day so feel free to direct message me or drop questions here and I’ll respond tonight or tomorrow.


i am interested in the post


Great I’ll reach out over DM to sort out schedule and contact info.

Josh Horwitz20:03:40

@b2berry: Is this onsite only or is remote work a possibility?

Josh Horwitz20:03:54

Wait, just realized what room I am in lol

Josh Horwitz20:03:00

I thought I was in jobs


@b2berry: I followed the link with “carriers” instead of “careers” on the web page and it didn’t make any sense at all simple_smile


Looks good though