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borkdude10:02:44 Native, fast starting Clojure interpreter for scripting 1.1.173 (2023-02-04) • support --config in other dir + :local/root ( • Compatibility with and now returns classloader with babashka dependencies on classpath • Support reading tags from data_readers.clj and data_readers.cljc • Don't exit REPL when babashka.deps/add-deps fails • Fix #1474: when .bb file is in different artifact, .clj file is loaded first if it appears first on classpath • Support for *loaded-libs* and (loaded-libs) • Bump rewrite-clj to 1.1.46 • Bump http-client to 0.0.3 • Bump fs to 0.2.15 • Bump process to 0.4.16

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borkdude17:02:14 a CLI to add common aliases and features to deps.edn-based projects See the blog post for a gentle introduction into neil. 0.1.54 (2023-02-04) • fix pmap + requiring-resolve issue

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How did I not see the lein pun! How!?!

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Very nice post, btw!


I realize I forgot one sentence before that blog post link