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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)09:04:49 is out. The primary change is to remove some of the unneeded deps. It no longer depends on the Resilience4j cache or decorator modules or slf4j-api.


clj-kondo v2022.04.23 new linter :keyword-binding - warns when a keyword is used in a :keys binding vector. This linter is :off by default. See • new linter :discouraged-var. See • new :config-in-ns configuration option. See • Support :ns-groups configuration option. See support bindings with same name in clojure.core.match fix false positive unused import • dot (`.`) should be unresolved when not in fn position

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I'm surprised :keyword-binding is :off by default -- that seems uncontroversial?


@U04V70XH6 I've worked in a company on a large code base where that style is being used extensively, I didn't want to do that to them. :) There might even be a few of those in clj-kondo itself since I adapted to the style of that company when I worked there.


Fair enough. Once LSP is updated to include at least this version, I'll definitely turn this one on at work 🙂

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I think I'll turn it on in my home dir config so I'll get the warnings during development, but CI won't complain


@U04V70XH6 you can also try the clj-kondo vscode extension while lsp isn't updated yet


Doesn't that cause conflicts with Calva and its LSP/kondo setup?


I don't think so, but you might get duplicate lint warning if enable both.


com.github.seancorfield/honeysql {:mvn/version "2.2.891"} -- SQL as Clojure data structures: • Address by documenting PostgreSQL's ARRAY constructor syntax and how to produce it. • Address parts of by improving the documentation for :array and also improving the exception that was thrown when it was misused. • Fix by allowing for expressions in :insert-into table. • Address by adding :table clause. • Address by correcting multi-column RETURNING clauses in docs and tests. • Fix by adding namespace that registers PostgreSQL JSON and regex operators and provides symbolic names for "unwritable" operators (that contain @, #, or ~). • Address by throwing an exception if you try to cache a SQL statement that includes an IN () expression, using a named parameter for the IN values. • Fix by restoring HoneySQL 1.x's behavior when quoting. • Fix again. • Update CI to reflect Clojure 1.11 release (master -> 1.11; new master is 1.12). • Update build-clj to v0.8.0. Follow-up in #honeysql

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