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ingesol11:10:36 v 1.2.0 now has an integration with Deprecations and some breaking changes for existing alpha FSM implementation, see changelog.


io.github.seancorfield/build-clj {:git/tag "v0.5.2" :git/sha "8f75b81"} -- -- update to latest (see CHANGELOG for other recent changes)


clojure -Ttools install io.github.seancorfield/deps-new '{:git/tag "v0.4.0"}' :as new -- follow-up in #deps-new • Add :raw mode for copying non-text assets and/or suppressing textual substitution. • Document alternative substitution delimiters (added in v0.3.0). • Update to v0.6.1 515b334 (for non-replacement on some non-text files). • Update build-clj to v0.5.2 (`:transitive` support).


clj-commons/digest: the continuation of the transferred clj-digest repository. First solved issue: move API to multi-segment namespace: digest -> clj-commons.digest . The old namespace is still there but deprecated and won't get updates.

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