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Joshua Suskalo16:09:19 v1.3.0 • Added configuration options for the interactive functions of core primitives like assert and check-type • Updated the default interactive function to be consistent across targets (and consistent with the CL spec) • Updated documentation to reflect current iterations of the macros • Fixed tagbody not being reentrant

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deps.clj 0.0.17: A faithful port of the clojure CLI from bash to Clojure itself, distributed in several flavors: GraalVM-native binary, bb script, jar • Parity with clojure CLI This release is also used by babashka 0.6.0, announced in #announcements

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Noah Bogart21:09:29

this is so cool

Noah Bogart21:09:22

i wonder if it would be feasible to use this instead of the bash script in clojure proper


If they want to use (parts of) this project, I'd be happy to assist where I can.


AFAICT, graalvm doesn't run on every OS (i.e. FreeBSD), so there is some merit to having a shell-script driver, at least sometimes...

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Noah Bogart21:09:20

that’s a great feature