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rewrite-clj 1.0.594-alpha is - a minor change for this release: ā€¢ rewrite-clj was depending on Clojure v1.10.3 but min version required is 1.9.0, adjusted accordingly

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If you wanted to use a bare socket repl with emacs, just added some features to make working with multiple repls far easier. There's now inf-clojure-set-repl which will set whatever repl you are in as the current repl, or if not in a repl, will show a list of all inf-clojure repls from which to choose. If you rename your repls when they are created it can make it quite nice to work with multiple repls in the same project, or multiple projects at the same time. In this screenshot, there are three repls open, clj/cljs work and next-jdbc. Can easily select the repl for the current connection.

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