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Michaël Salihi20:07:38

@chris.paul This is a typical use case when a reloaded workflow is useful. Here you can find an setup repo with Reitit and Integrant: LMK if you have any questions.


it's similar to my setup. However say I made a change to function in a controller namespace, I find that I have to reload botht he controller namespace and the caller namespace (handler)

Michaël Salihi20:07:22

Did you use any following "reloaded workflow" tools? • Integrant • Component • Mount • Clip Take a look at this post

Michaël Salihi20:07:46

FYI my example project above use Integrant and handle the namespace with a simple Emacs keyboard shortcut.


yea i use cursive and integrant


i can reload files to the repl, i was trying to avoid having ti reload multiple files, just the one that i have changed


but i think due to how routes are configured, you have to refresh the route definition (the caller) as well as the file that you've modified


Hey hello good night In using using reitit+pedestal and I need to "store" the raw body to do later on in some routes I want to do a I'm doing this, but I suspect this is leading to memory leaks, because not all routes slurps this raw-body, then I added to ensure that this new body will be always slurped, but I'm not sure if my memory leak problem if fixed. Anyways, is there an official/better way to do this?