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How can I capture fragments (i.e. the part after # in a URL) with reitit.frontend.easy? My handler gets passed reitit.core.Match, which doesn't seem to contain the fragment data.

Stel Abrego19:06:42

Hey y'all! I'm making a hacker news clone using reitit and I'm having trouble using Malli with Reitit. I'm getting a malli.core/invalid-type error on my endpoint schema, and I'm just not sure what I'm messing up. Here's the full error:

Request coercion failed: #reitit.coercion.CoercionError{:schema [:map {:closed true} [:email string?] [:password string?]], :value nil, :errors (#Error{:path [], :in [], :schema [:map {:closed true} [:email string?] [:password string?]], :type :malli.core/invalid-type}), :transformed nil}
and my endpoint looks like this within the router:
       {:name ::signup, :handler signup-handler, :parameters {:form [:map [:email string?] [:password string?]]}}}]
Does this error mean that the form parameters are not right, or is this saying the schema itself is incorrect? EDIT: Ahh I think I found the problem. I had my (coerce-request-interceptor) before my (multipart-interceptor) in the chain so it wasn't able to read the form data!