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Using Malli for coercion. How do I set up a (query) param for a list of values conforming to a regex?

(def id-regex #"^[A-Za-z\d\-_]{10}$")

(def routes
  ["" {:coercion reitit.coercion.malli/coercion}
    {:get {:handler    some-handler-fn
           :parameters {:query
                           [:re id-regex]]]]}}}]])
The endpoint shows up in Swagger docs, but when I test it with one or more values, the endpoint throws me errors.
  "schema": "[:map {:closed true} [:some-arg [:sequential [:re #\"^[A-Za-z\\d\\-_]{10}$\"]]]]",
  "errors": [
      "in": [
      "path": [
      "message": "invalid type",
      "type": "malli.core/invalid-type",
      "schema": "[:sequential [:re #\"^[A-Za-z\\d\\-_]{10}$\"]]",
      "value": "1234567890,1234567891"
  "value": {
    "some-arg": "1234567890,1234567891"
  "type": "reitit.coercion/request-coercion",
  "coercion": "malli",
  "in": [
  "humanized": {
    "some-arg": [
      "invalid type"
Looks like it's processing the query parameter as just a string instead of a sequence of strings.