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Hi all, I was doing validation of my reitit route data and noticed that reitit has support only for spec at, would be interesting to add support to malli schemas? If so, what approach? I thought about creating a malli.cljc file and replicate the behavior of spec.cljc


@iagwanderson darn the slack history, someone just asked the same - there definitely should be support for malli. either a) replace the (buggy) spec validation with malli or b) allow one to pick either one. I would start with b, not sure how rude it would be to evolve eventually to a.


if you have extra time, PR for b most welcome.


my idea to create a new namespace was to allow either one to be used

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also, malli pretty printer would be needed, so much on the open source backlog, so little time (have a draft of that already)


almost 2 years ago 😮


heha, time fly. I will take a look into it wednesday

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