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Kira McLean22:02:34

Is it possible to get reitit front-end controllers to fire when just a query param changes? The front-end router seems to pick up the navigation properly, but the controllers don’t fire. I’m brand new to reitit and not even confident I’ve got this set up properly.. wondering if this is possible?

Kira McLean22:02:13

For reference, I”m working with something like this:

Kira McLean22:02:41

navigating to home works as I expect and fires that :start controller, and changing q (by e.g. navigating back from the browser) does fire handle-navigation, but not the start/`stop` controllers like I was hoping. I suspect I’m missing something about how to set up the query parameters, I couldn’t find much info about it and just copied some examples I found around the internet.

Kira McLean22:02:03

Anyway, hopefully that explains what I’m trying to accomplish. Any help is much appreciated.