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Does reitit do the coercion before the middleware/interceptors?


@jarvinenemil it happens inside a coercion mw/int, e.g. request-coercion-middleware

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@drewverlee route guards are not supported within the core router, by design. But, you can create such higher-level routers on top of the core. For ring, you would ship your own reitit.ring/ring-handler which routes based on query-params too.


not trivial, but doable.


Hey all. Question about reitit backend routes for a SPA frontend I have a The front end is a SPA (using reitit.frontend). My goal is to have all front end routes handled by the front end and just serve the index.html file and not change the URL. For example • localhost:3000/ (should serve the index.html file and not trigger a redirect) • localhost:3000/login (should serve the index.html file and not trigger a redirect) • localhost:3000/public/… (should serve resources as long as they exist) Right now, based on the example code in the gist, the routing does this: • visit localhost:3000/ is redirected to localhost:3000/index.html • visit localhost:3000/login results in nil • visit localhost:3000/public/css/styles.css will return the css file