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If anyone has any ideas about what’s going on in your help would be much appreciated. (I won’t be able to check this until tomorrow but really any help or ideas or speculations are welcome; I spent way too long on this today and will rewrite this thing in something else if I can’t figure this out soon. It’s a stock luminus template.)


@jaime.sangcap body coercion depends on the content-type. For json, an json-transformer is used. JSON can present numbers, so no string->number is not enabled. For EDN and Transit, no type coercion is applied, as anything can be presented with it. If you want to do string->numbers etc, you can create a custom coercion with different options. Just swap the json-transformer into string-transformer for "application/json" and you are done. Here’s the relevant config: Hope that helps.

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@ikitommi Thanks for the reference! I'll look more into custom transformer of spec-tools today


What's the reason reitit tries to be compatible with every clojure web abstraction out there? ring/middleware, ring with interceptors, pedestal, how does one pick from the options?


@kaxaw75836 curiosity? It’s kinda “library for creating web-frameworks”. Planned forever to push out a developer-friednly opinionated stack (with good defaults). Currently, just copy&pasting the template from project to another. Here’s a placeholder:

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