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@iktommi I have finally gotten back to trying to level pedestal and sieppari interceptors using :error arity as you suggested. Would an ::interceptor/transform be a good choice for a place to check the arity and wrap pedestal interceptors?

#(map (fn [f] (if (> (arity f) 1) (as-sieppari f) f) %)


@colliderwriter that would be a good way to do it, but Mathieu MARCHANDISE did a PR out of that already, part of the 0.3.2 release. So, reitit is now fully compliant with Pedestal, I hope.


are people using the new error printer? closed specs? any good? all the swagger-examples have the relevant router options defined (but commented out) to try.


Hi all, is there a way to prevent the encoding of a path param? also, is there a way to prevent a colon from being turned into a path param?


@iktommi I understand. I was dragged away for a while and missed some developments.