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@ikitommi, I was an user of compojure-api, changed jobs and got assigned with a JVM task .. I'm going to use clojure no doubt, but what should I use, reitit or compojure-api? they are both routers that support swagger generation and validation via spec


@plins I think reitit is the future. It's dead simple, clojurescript too, easy to extend, fast and fixes all the issues there has been with c-api. That said, c-api is more proven, 30k monthly downloads. We'll keep on maintaining both. If you don't need to be in prod in next few weeks, I would go with reitit.


Ok! thanks for the insight, Ill keep that in mind for future projects, but this service needs to be deployed asap so im going for compojure api this time 😄 thanks for the awesome libraries


thanks, and welcome back to Clojure!